CyberNeg@rit: the advertisement service of CyberEthiopia

CyberNeg@rit is your immediate access to the highest! potential number of viewers on ethiopian related matters. You have new and cost effective way to promote a business/product by reaching a dynamic cyber community across the globe.


Some basic facts about CyberEthiopia:
  • an average of 850 000 page views per month of which more than
    150 000 are unique visitors
  • award winning information gateway on Ethiopia
  • the unique ethiopic enabled community communication network.
  • ranked most popular ethiopian web site by Alexa
  • excellent collective ranking  by all leading search engines for keyword "ethiopia" (ref below)

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Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Feb 2006 480529 311800 30390 6292 76347 172017128 176195 850946 8730402 13454825
Jan 2006 427478 277278 28775 5929 82137 145470163 183823 892051 8595618 13251834
Dec 2005 342915 203189 27489 5508 80082 111934234 170778 852171 6298860 10630373

CyberEthiopia Access figures (Dec2005 - Feb 2006)

Source: Web Server Access logs


I am interested to advertise on CyberNeg@rit


  • CyberNeg@rit is an advertisement service offered by CyberEthiopia.  
  • CPC (cost-per-click) implies the on-line advertising model in which a click is counted when a unique visitor clicks on a banner. In other words, advertisers will only pay for visitors who have clicked on the banner. 
  • Click-through is the action of a user clicking on the advertiser's banner.
  • The cost of advertising is from USD 0.10 cts per each click-through.  Advertisers are guaranteed to get the number of click-throughs matching the amount paid for. In other words, for a campaign of a 100 USD, the advertiser will be guaranteed to get 100/0.1=1000 click-throughs. 
  • For some customers of particular needs, a different pricing scheme may be arranged.  Typically, it is in the form of 100 USD per month (or 950 Birr per month)
CyberNegarit Control Panel 
  • All advertisers will have their own control panel with a login and passsword where they can monitor the number of displays, clicks throughs as well as visitors' information such us country, IP address etc .. (See sample)
Terms and Conditions
  • Unless specified and agreed otherwise, all communications would be electronic/via e-mail.
  • All banners would be of size 250 x 74 pixel. Determining the content and delivering the files would be entirely the advertisersí responsibility. However, some consultation could be offered by CyberNeg@rit, with or without charge depending on the amount of work required to have the advertisement operational.
  • CyberNeg@rit will not in any ways be liable to the interaction and the possible out comes between the advertiser and a web client (surfer) that has been redirected to the advertisers URL via the banner from the CyberEthiopi@ site. 
  • Payments are not refundable and should always be made in advance. The receipt could only be established with a firm confirmation of the transaction by our bankers. Payments should be made at net value.
  • Unless delays resulting from uncontrollable situations, CyberNeg@rit guarantees that the services will be activated right after confirmation of payment and the advertising will stay active until the agreed amount of click-throughs are reached.  
  • We reserve the right  to reject advertisements that could be unacceptable and incompatible, with the overall principles and guidelines of CyberEthiopi@.

I am interested to advertise on CyberNeg@rit