Zenawi says I will give you more of the same

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Zenawi says I will give you more of the same

Postby ፕሉቶ » Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:55 pm

Zenawi says I will give you more of the same

The nasty fascist Zenawi knows very well that he is sitting on a time bomb. He is in a place where he should not be, and one he does not deserve. He bombed, murdered, threatened and bullied our people to maintain his power. If he has any conscience, his crime is haunting him day and night. Equally well, Zenawi knows he has a formidable opposition. He knows the Ethiopian people want him out and tried for
murder, corruption, vote rigging and fraud.

For all these reasons, Zenawi has always pursued the most destructive way to save him self or rather to destroy himself. Jailing people, issuing threats and murder are his chosen methods to maintain his position. He lives by violence and that is the nature of the brutal dictator, proven time and again in the last 30 years of his career as a criminal gang leader.

No thing Zenawi has done in the last 14 years excludes the use of such acts of violence as well as sedition and deceit for the purpose of maintaining his power.

What Zenawi has done today in his phoney parliament is approve the use of force against the Ethiopian people. Using his illegitimate and illegal parliament as a fig leaf, he has launched a bloody offensive against our people. Using intimidatory speech, he has condemned the leaders of the people as criminals. He has charged the peoples’ representatives with crimes only he himself has imagined and fabricated. That is , sadly, what the dictator has to offer the Ethiopian people in the first day of his parliament. More of the same!

The vicious dictator has embarked on his familiar path of destroying the gains of our people, suffocating the life out of our people and denying their rights to make their own choice. Zenawi is , indeed, competing with time to destroy as much as he can before his own downfall and destruction

The Ethiopian people have no choice but to intensify their own offensive. The peaceful struggle should be planned and coordinated and put into action. The stay at home campaign, the withdrawal of co-operation with the fascist regime, boycotts and other means of peaceful resistance have to be put into action.
The vicious dictator and his bogus parliament have no power against the collective will of the Ethiopian people.

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