Inside Look into the woyane phony parliament

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Inside Look into the woyane phony parliament

Postby ፕሉቶ » Sat Oct 15, 2005 10:49 am

Inside look in to the woyane phony parliament

No sooner had the phony woyane parliament been able to settle in the haunted house of horror than Zenawi embarked on his campaign of terror and intimidation by repealing the immunity rights of the Ethiopian opposition MPs.

Attack on the opposition is not only a vivid manifestation of the despotism of Zenawi but it also shows the way the fraudulent parliament works, where the tyrant does almost anything he wants by manipulating the constitution to suit his own personal interest. What we have
witnessed is that, fear and terror reign supreme in the woyane parliament. For many people, fear of expulsion mean that they can not raise questions that put their allegiance into question. Fear of repression by cadres; have turned many TPLF appointees into slaves. As appointees of the tyrant, the TPLF/EPRDF MPs allegiance is to Zenawi only. They have no right and no voice except carrying out orders of their master. They have been robbed of their human dignity and honour by a contemptuous dictator who likes to treat them as domesticated pets.

Lack of transparency has made the woyane parliament a hell for the few who dare to differ from the cadre lines and often victims are liquidated, intimidated or imprisoned without any body knowing why except the barbaric cadres who carry out the orders.

The illegitimate woyane parliament has been set up by stealing votes and fraud; it is run by criminal gangsters. It has proved to be nothing but an instrument to put into practice Zenawi’s policy of repression and control, violation of human rights and democratic values and a system of ethnic based divide and rule. To be part of such a system will not serve any purpose.

Bearing in mind what the woyane parliament represents, the incrimination, the arbitrariness and false accusations drummed up by Zenawi against the opposition is therefore not a surprise. Zenawi’s terror campaign to silence and destroy the Ethiopian popular opposition only shows the aggravated form of his evil dictatorship. The tyrant has chosen to stand above the constitutional law of the country to condemn and attack elected parliamentarians who have stood up for the people who voted for them. It also shows the tyrant lacks the capacity to deal with the democratic deficit within the country. Brute force and violent intimidation, murder and detention are the only weapons of the tyrant.

The Ethiopian people and their leaders have emphatically said NO! NO! NO! to repression and tyranny. Those who have are part of the woyane parliament should realize that, by supporting such brutal and anti-democratic measures of Zenawi, they are creating a system under which they themselves will be the next victims. Many former supporters of Zenawi whom he has now locked up in prison bear witness to this fact. Zenawi stands for repression and dictatorship and those who support him either out of need or conviction are endorsing the criminal acts of the tyrant against the Ethiopian people.

The logical conclusion is very clear: either there is a political system, which allows the full democratic rights of our people and that respects human rights, accommodates differences of opinion, or a repressive and dictatorial system such as that run by the Zenawi and his henchmen. There can be no other way.
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