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ወያኔ አሁንም ሁለቱ ምርኩዞቹን አለቅም አለ

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ቅንጅት ባቀረበው 8 ቅድመ ሁኔታዎች ውስጥ የወያኔው መሪ ነፍሰ ገዳዩ መለስ ለአንባሳደር ግሩፐ ግማሾቹን እቀበላለሁ ብሎ አምባገነንነቱን ለማቆየት የሚረዱትን ሁለቱን ዋናዋናዎችሁን አልቀበልም አለ::ወያኔ እቀበላቸዋለሁ ካለው መካከል

  1. የታሰሩትን የቅንጅት አባላት መፍታት
  2. በቅርቡ የወጡ የፓርላማ እና የአዲስ አበባ መስተዳድር በተመለከተ የወጡ ህጎችን መሰረዝ
  3. የመንግስት መገኛኛ ብዙኃን ነጻ ለማድረግ
  4. የግል ሬዲዮና ቴሌቭዥን መፍቀድ
  5. በሰኔ 1 የተገደሉትን ሰዎች ግድያ በነጻ አካል ለማጣራት አጣሪ ኮሚቴ ማቋቋም ሲሆኑ
ወያኔ አልቀበላቸውም ያለው
  1. ፍርድ ቤቶችን ነጻ ማድረግ -ፓርላማ ገብተው ስለዚህ መታገል ይችላሉ በማለት አልቀበልም ብለዋል
  2. የምርጫ ቦርድን እንደገና ማዋቀርን -አልቀበልም ብለዋል
  3. ፖሊስና የመከላከያ ሰራዊቱን ነጻ ማድረግን -የአገር ደንነት ለድርድር አይቀርብም ብለዋል::የራሴ ስልጣን ደንነት ቢሉ አይቀልም
  4. ገለልተኛ አካል ተቋቁሞ ቅድመ ሁኔታዎቹ መፈጸማቸውን ይከታተል የሚለውን አልቀበለውም ብለዋል::

    የቅንጅት አመራር ይህን ግማሹን ተቀብሎ ስልጣናቸውን ለማራዘም የሚረዳቸውን አልቀበልም ስላሉ ይህን አሳባቸውን አንቀበልም ብለዋል::

ምንጭ -ትንሳኤ ሬድዮ 10/19/05 የተተላለፈው ከ14:30 ደቂቃ ጀምረው ያዳምጡ::
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ወያኔ በምርኩዞቹ ተጠቅሞ እንዲህ የውንብድናውን ስራ ቀጥላል::

34 arrested on arms possession were armed by Meles Zenawi
By Our Staff Writer
October 20, 2005


ADDIS ABABA – Thirty-four members and supporters of Ethiopia’s leading opposition party arrested this week on charges of hiding an arms cache for a violent overthrow of the government were armed by the government some years back, a source said on Thursday.
When ethnic clashes between Oromo and Amhara communities peaked in the mid-‘90s, people were not aware the government was fueling ethnic conflicts in the country. The arms and ammunition were freely distributed to one side in a bid to defend themselves from their alleged attackers. Now the government which suffered a huge defeat in the May election at the hands of the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) is reversing the situation to destroy the mass base of the opposition group that has legally ended Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s 14 years of brutal rule in the country, the source said.

"Nationwide crackdown on CUD members has continued unabated as the government feverishly looks for excuses to liquidate its political rivals," the source said. "The arrest of those 34 individuals cannot be seen separately from the charges of ‘treason’ the premiere everyday heaps on CUD leader Hailu Shawel and other CUD MPs who have boycotted the illegitimate legislature."

Although the over 90 percent voter turnout on May 15, 2005 was hailed by international observers from the European Union and the Carter Center as strong evidence of the Ethiopian civil society’s faith in democracy and the rule of law, the hope for a better future was dashed when the post-election period deteriorated into state-sponsored killings and nationwide arrests of opposition supporters and members.

A day after the election which saw the ruling party suffering a huge loss of votes to the opposition, the prime minister declared a state of emergency which ran for two months, and the killings of at least 42 unarmed demonstrators on June 8 in Addis Ababa.

Clearly isolated by the whole nation, Meles turned to his traditional fear-invoking tactics and warned the country was slipping into a Rwanda-like genocide. Meanwhile, he was distributing arms among some residents in Addis to protect themselves from the ‘opposition attacks,’ whom he branded as the infamous Interehamwe rebels of Rwanda who hacked about one million of their compatriots in 1995.

The vicious and irresponsible remarks were severely censured by, among others, Ms. Ana Gomez, chief of the European Union Election Observer Mission.

On May 5 the Associated Press reported:

“The leader of the European Union's election observers in Ethiopia has protested the ruling party's use of hate speech ahead of the May 15 balloting in a confidential letter to the National Electoral Board and in internal reports obtained by The Associated Press.
The EU's chief observer, Ana Gomes, listed acts of violence and intimidation by ruling party members and officials in her letter. In a weekly situation report to the diplomatic community, she also cited the alleged slaying of an opposition leader by a ruling party militia commander.

In her May 4 letter to the election board obtained by the AP, Gomes is critical of the ruling Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Democratic Front for comparing opposition parties to the militia responsible for Rwanda's 1994 genocide.

On May 5, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi repeated the comparison.

"Their policies are geared toward creating hatred and rifts between ethnic groups similar to the policies of the Interahamwe when Hutu militia massacred Tutsis in Rwanda," Meles said, in direct violation of a code of conduct he signed when he registered to run for re-election. In an interview on state-run television, Meles called on Ethiopians to "punish opposition parties who are promoting an ideology of hatred."

The prime minister's call for bloodshed fell on deaf ears, of course, as the people’s demand remained firm and solid: “Meles Zenawi’s time is up. He's got to go!”

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