Bye Bye TPLF

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Bye Bye TPLF

Postby expert » Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:29 pm

Everything under God have begining and end and TPLF's destruction of our beloved Ethiopia will end soon. CUD president have told the Ethiopian people to prepare for the final show down with TPLF. We are hearing of TPLF member/supporters meeting after meeting all over the world crying and trying to find a way out of the inevitable crash. They have already looted thousand of millions of money and stashed them away. But when all is done and over with , each and every TPLF member/supporter will pay dearly. Oh yes you can shit on your pants now. 2 weeks and you will be gone. Bye Bey bandas. The funny thing they can't run to the north Essays have all along waited for this moment and he will as we can see teach TPLF a lesson before they fanish from the earth. Once we take care of TPLF then Shabia will be next if and when they want to mess with the Ethiopian people. For now everybody just chill and watch the demise of TPLF.
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