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Postby sewd05 » Sun Oct 23, 2005 10:34 pm

Ethiopia’s police says seize illegal arms destined for terrorist actions
Oct 22, 2005 (GONDER) — Ethiopian Police said they have seized arms which they said are supposed to be used for terrorist activities and violence in Dembiya Woreda district of North Gonder Zone in northwestern Ethiopia.

The assistant inspector with the woreda police, Zewdu Zeleke, said here on Friday 21 October that 26 Kalashnikovs and other various rifles with over 200 ammunitions were intercepted in the woreda in a search made by the police following a tip off from the public.

He said the police also put under custody 26 individuals who possessed the stated illegal arms. The police also intercepted fliers bent on instigating violence, Zewdu said. The individuals are found to be members of opposition parties, he said.

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