Blue Nile the source of hope

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Blue Nile the source of hope

Postby expert » Wed Oct 26, 2005 8:12 pm

Dear Ethiopians. One of the many problems facing Ethiopia is the lack of utilization of our waters[/url][/u] from our vast rivers and lakes. We do have abundant water resources and we shouldn't be seeing draught and loss of our people in thousands every year. Unfortunaletly the ethnic minded TPLF is in power for now and for the last 14 years nothing have benn done in this regard. TPLF siding with Egypt and all anti Ethiopia forces have and are destroying our beloved Ethiopia. Well the political solution might come soon, thanks to CUD and Lidetu but until then a courageous group of Ethiopians have taken this huge task of forming an organization solely by Ethiopians for Ethiopia to inform, discuss, research and bring the wareness of the vast potential of the water resource we have. Please visit and lets all come together in this great problem of our time.

Ethiopia the land of plenty will rise soon.
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