Comment and reflections on the election

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Comment and reflections on the election

Postby ክቡራን » Mon Nov 14, 2016 12:57 am

ማስታወሻ፡ The following is an account from my mentor who is now retired. He sent his reflection and how he felt about the election from the nursing home where he currently resides. The message was sent to all his closest people and his former students.. He is one of the brilliant person in his time, it provides you insight how Americans feel about this election..

Dear Friends and close relatives,

This was the most stunning election for president in my lifetime of memories since Truman beat Dewey in 1948! I was surprised that the candidates who won the primaries were not better people than those that prevailed as both had lots of skeletons in their respective closets. Surely this great country could offer up much better but money talks and other qualities are overlooked. The money spent on primaries and the general election could have been put to such better use. I favor election by direct popular vote and abolish the electoral college. I see a move to the right in this country and movement toward facism like prevailed before WWII. I fear the terrible urgent problems facing this country will not be addressed anytime soon and probably made much worse due to the terrible division prevailing today between the haves and have nots and minorities and majorities. I see ISIS, poverty, immigration anxiety, gun violence, pollution control, environmental issues, climate change, energy policy, computer hacking, denial of science, taxation policies, loss of jobs overseas and many others getting much worse. Yes, I want to see America become great again but I don't see Chinese goods flying off Walmart's shelves, steel mills humming
again in Baltimore, Bethlehem, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Indiana, etc. and Michigan churning out autos anytime soon , as they did years ago, etc. We have many more seniors than ever including yours truly struggling with health issues due to increased longevity and barely making ends meet as drugs become increasingly expensive and insufficient nursing and assisted living facilities available for their care. My only legacy is when driving around Baltimore, I see or meet students from the past who have become successful teachers, government workers, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc. and hope I have left some mark on a portion of society. The talk I hear and the riots and demonstrations in our large cities scare me! Prayer is our only hope!
Don Hoster (Ph.D)
Retired Teacher
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