EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Income !

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Re: EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Incom

Postby ምሰጢር » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:01 pm

WOT ?!

Is this the end of ferenji PARASITISM ?

Will ferenjis now lose that 40 trillion USD annual income ?

Swiss banking collapses says new study

2/3 of Swiss banks are practically dead - 

Further 20% of workforce will go next 3 years - 

money laundering does not work anymore and clients leave the country

that goes from UBS to CS and local banks

ብልሀት wrote:Those banks who closely work with CIA, MI6 and the likes helped the TPLF officials below to rob Ethiopia and get rich.

Top Tigrian bloodsuckers and reputation killers:

1. Sebhat Nega (stolen money at least 2 billion USD)

2. Seyoum Mesfin (the scum as a foreign minister was shown on western TV bowing to ferenji officials) (stolen money at least 1.8 billion USD)

3. Berhane Gebrekristos (stolen money at least 2 billion USD)

4. Abay Tsehay (stolen money at least 1.5 billion USD)

5. Azeb Mesfin (stolen money at least 4 billion USD)

Source: ... net-worth/

But they may soon lose the ability to do so.

The last 500 years whites controlled all manufacturing, arms production and finance, they only needed resources from others.

The situation we have now is, whites are losing all that, and are about to become irrelevant when the non-whites soon control resources, manufacturing, markets and finance.


* 1500 - 1950 (2000)

Whites controlled,

1. manufacturing

2. arms production and

3. finance



* 2000 (2015) -

Non-whites control,

1. resources

2. manufacturing

3. markets and

4. finance (happening or about to happen)

When that process is completed whites would become irrelevant.

In this 90% non-white world whites are becoming increasingly irrelevant,

1. as trade partners

2. as investors

3. as lenders

4. as educators

5. as advisors

6. as tourists

7. as arms suppliers




ብልሀት wrote:Deutsche Bank, heavily involved in criminal activities like HSBC, is having trouble now. Well, all that investigation won't help that whites will soon lose control over the global financial system.


Deutsche Bank Raided

Some 170 police officers, investigators and prosecutors raided the German offices of Deutsche Bank on Thursday on the suspicion bank employees helped clients set up offshore companies in tax havens to launder hundreds of millions of euros.

The investigation emerged from an analysis of documents leaked from tax havens in recent years, including the 2016 "Panama Papers," said Frankfurt prosecutors' spokeswoman Nadja Niesen. ... story.html

ምሰጢር wrote:Interesting video. Little UK controls the wealth of criminals, among them TPLF officials like Meles, Sibhat, Tedros Adhanom and Al Amoudi, worth 50 trillion USD or 20 times the size of UK GDP.

That is fraud, theft, robbery, deception and parasitism. No doubt, the jews play here a key role. But this white tendency to cheat has a long history, and they inherited that from the Neanderthal.

You know there is a reason why black empires last for millennia and white empires are short-lived and last only decades.

Due to Neanderthal DNA whites lack,

1. Spirituality

2. Wisdom

3. Creativity

4. Intelligence


That is why "whites" do foolish things infinitely superior Africans and Asians would never do, like for example this lie they spread about blacks and history.

Whites' earliest encounters with the infinitely superior blacks must have been traumatic for them, where they were for the first time aware of their inferiority. As a reaction they adopted lie and deception as a survival strategy to compensate for lack of creativity and intelligence. They have been using that strategy since then.



Euro-centric Worldview: Whites are explorers, inventors, humanitarians, healers, ...

Afro-centric Worldview: Whites are parasites, deceivers, oppressors, robbers, killers, ...

As shown here:
The spider's web: Britain's second empire
Because he killed his wife he took shelter with his in-laws.
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Re: EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Incom

Postby ምሰጢር » Fri Aug 23, 2019 2:19 pm

The economic model that was imposed by the USA on the rest of the world in 1944/45 is now collapsing.

የሓውዜን ቅሌት wrote:
የሓውዜን ቅሌት wrote:What privileges will USA citizens in particular and ferenjis in general lose when USA goes down ?

1. They can no longer buy precious products from Africa, Asia and Latin America dirt cheap. Remember, in the past only kings and royals could afford things like chocolates and coffee.

2. They can no longer travel to anywhere they want without the need for visas.

3. They can no longer live in peace and security, undisturbed by covert CIA operations and the likes.

4. They can no longer earn far more money than others for the same work.

5. When they travel abroad they can no longer expect that others will speak their languages.

6. They can no longer pay with their own money abroad.

7. They can no longer go to cinemas abroad and watch their own films.

8. They can no longer go to bars and night clubs abroad and listen to their own music, and drink their own alcoholic and other drinks.

9. They can no longer go to shops in foreign lands and buy their own papers.

10. They can no longer watch their own channels and listen to their own radios in foreign lands.

11. The global structures will no longer be designed in their favour and international organizations will no longer advance their interests and agendas.




The demise of the USA empire will have huge consequences for USA citizens and ferenjis around the world.

In 1945 the USA created its world order (UNO plus the Bretton Woods Institutions IMF and World Bank) to best suit its interests. All whites around the world benefited from it.

Now that white era is ending.

1945 San Francisco, United Nations Conference 250081-15

USA and Whites Foaming; They LOST CONTROL Over the Global South Economy ;)

This could be a more dramatic development than most of us think.

Most of us are not aware, and that is so by design, that the economic model that was imposed by the USA in 1945 was in simple terms,

1. to take wealth primarily from Africa and Latin America, and also from Asia and,

2. to give it to Europe and North America.

Of course in reality that happened in very complex ways, say in the form of declining prices for commodities and rising prices for industrial goods, manipulation of exchange rates of currencies, creation of "soft currencies" and "hard currencies", manipulation of interest rates, manipulation of credit ratings, petrodollar, global reserve currency status of the USD, USD denominated debt, derivatives, etc.

Europe and USA could do that because they controlled the global financial system, now they are about to lose that control.

Now USA and whites are losing all that control, so fantastic !

The developing world would soon NOT NEED USA's World Bank, IMF, Wall Street, USD, Euro and Pound to finance infrastructure.

Yet another short-lived white empire going down !

Bretton Woods Is Dead: What Next?

Sat, 07/27/2019 - 21:30

Authored Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire has publicly admitted something normally reserved for backroom discussion in the circles of Europe’s governing elite at an event honoring the 75th anniversary of Bretton Woods (the conference which created the foundations for the post WWII world order).

At this event, Le Maire stated ever-so candidly that “the Bretton Woods order has reached its limits. Unless we are able to re-invent Bretton Woods, the New Silk Road might become the New World Order”.

He went onto state that “the pillars of that order have been the International Monetary Fund and its sister institution, the World Bank since their inception at the Bretton Woods conference in New Hampshire in 1944."

The death of the Bretton Woods system, which is the same as the death of the USA world order, is a gigantic development, extremely devastating for Western countries and extremely liberating for the Global South.

They say, in the mid to late 1940s prices for exports from the Global South, mostly commodities, were highest but with the growth of influence of the Bretton Woods institutions prices for commodities started to decline and prices for industrial goods, the exports of Western countries, started to rise. An era of parasitism to the benefit of Western countries began, that made resource-poor Western countries rich and resource-rich Global South countries poor. Now, with the death of the Bretton Woods system we will be back to 1945. ;)

This is a gigantic development !

Expect that all exports from the Global South will be expensive again like in the mid to late 1940s.

Expect that the purchasing power of Western currencies will decline.

Expect that the West will lose control of the global financial system.

Trade will be conducted in non-Western currencies or through bartering.

Living standard in the West will decline dramatically and that in the Global South will rise.

The Global South can now produce almost everything, including commercial aircrafts, also weapons. And the Global South has also the resources. The Global South needs nearly nothing from the West, but the resource-poor West needs resources from the Global South but it hasn't the money to pay for that. What will the West do then, imperialism 2.0 ?


Hard times are coming for whites.
For 500 years they lived at the expense of Africans, Latin Americans and Asians, and soon they will lose that privilege.

Do whites then have to go back to the 15th century ?

" In the 15th century, the highest standard of living in the world belonged to China. Places like Nanjing had reached the pinnacle of civilization with incredibly modern infrastructure, robust economies, substantial international trade, great healthcare, and a rising middle class.

Across the globe, Europeans were living out short, mud-filled, brutish lives in squalid poverty, dying off by the thousands from the bubonic plague. They were practically Neanderthals compared to the Chinese, and explorers like Marco Polo wrote fanciful tales of wealth and opulence in the east.

If you had told a Chinese merchant at the time that, over the course of the next several hundred years, global primacy would shift to Europe (and a relatively unknown American continent), you would have been laughed at. It was simply unthinkable given how advanced China was over the west.

And yet, it happened. History shows us that the great things about western civilization (Industrial Revolution, technological achievement) and the not-so-great things about western civilization (imperialism, slavery, genocide) caused the tables to turn and primacy to shift from east to west." ... able-4499/
Because he killed his wife he took shelter with his in-laws.
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Re: EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Incom

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:27 am

የአሜሪካ አገዛዝ ዘመን እያለቀ ነው ... ry-parade/
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Re: EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Incom

Postby ምሰጢር » Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:22 pm

End of a 500 years ferenji era.
Because he killed his wife he took shelter with his in-laws.
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Re: EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Incom

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Thu Oct 24, 2019 12:49 am

ብልሀት wrote:As was said in the video above, Western governments are mafia organizations. And i heard somewhere, a mafia member who was in jail said, the USA government is the biggest mafia. And that is absolutely correct. And that guy knew what he was talking about, as he worked with the USA government when he was dealing with drug trade and the likes.

Flanker_27 wrote:Europeans are already taking measures against an economical takeover by non-Western White people! Look at this : The UK wants the foreign buyers of real estate to disclose all of their data... it's obviously targeted at Africans, Russians and Asians who are economically striking back.

Government insiders confirming what we long suspected, that the USA government, particularly the CIA, is the biggest drug trafficker/dealer in the world.
People like George Bush Senior (leading player within the CIA for decades) are believed to have been the ones who led the trafficking/dealing, including in black neighborhoods in the USA.

The Cokaine Import Agency is the largest drug cartel and mafia in the world. They are the EYE at the top of the drug & mafia empire pyramid in which all others report & pay homage (cuts) to.

And they will not go down without a fight.
"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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