Africa and Asia are Emerging as Cultural Superpowers ;)

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Africa and Asia are Emerging as Cultural Superpowers ;)

Postby ምሰጢር » Mon May 13, 2019 7:42 am

Sad but true, USA's and West's decline is having consequences also in the cultural area. :(

Now Africa and Asia are emerging as cultural superpowers. ;)

With the Africanized EOTC and Swahili Africans have now the realistic chance to own the biggest religion and the most-spoken language on the planet.

Haile Selassie at the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for an Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Trinidad in 1966

Easter Celebration 2019

Hello African culture !

Malema calls for the adoption of Kiswahili as Africa’s common language ... -language/


White culture under attack everywhere !

What Africans have been calling for years, namely to Africanize non-African religions, China is doing now. What Africans call Africanization China calls "Sinicization”.

WARNING while reading article from the 2nd source. It seems the Western authors of the article have put word in the mouth of the Chinese official they quoted, and that word is intended to offend the African/black readers. That is a subtle form of anti-China propaganda by the West that occurs often. In the first source that word is missing. ... es.607655/ ... s-chinese/

So, this Chinese example of Sinicization of religions shows whites can no longer use even the cover of religion to spread their culture. Non-whites who tolerate white religions are making sure that whites can only spread religious texts like the bible, not their traditions, languages, culture, etc. That trend is a huge opportunity for the Africanized EOTC to spread in Africa as part of the Africanization process.
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