USA/NATO War Against Russia/China Leads to War Rest vs NATO

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USA/NATO War Against Russia/China Leads to War Rest vs NATO

Postby ምሰጢር » Mon May 13, 2019 10:42 am

Britain is concerned about the risk of a war between Iran and the United States in the Gulf.

Ha ha,

This is not really about Iran or the Gulf states, this is about defending 40 trillion USD annual privilege and about world domination !

The real reason NATO is preparing for WW3 is to defend its 40 trillion USD annual privilege.

NATO's plan is to eliminate the two obstacles to world domination (Russia & China) and then to conquer the whole world.

This is an imperialism agenda, where all non-Western countries are the real targets.


The Euro-centric global order is now collapsing and soon jews and whites will no longer have power and influence as they lose control over the global financial system and the global reserve currency, as their intelligence agencies CIA, MI6, Mossad and company get neutralized when diplomatic immunity is lifted for them and for many other reasons.


EUROPE & USA Scared to lose 40 Trillion USD Annual Income !

EUROPE & USA are scared to lose 40 Trillion USD (1/3 of the global GDP) annual income when the USA world order collapses.

Most of us are not aware, and that is so by design, that the economic model that was imposed by the USA in 1945 was in simple terms,

1. to take wealth primarily from Africa and Latin America, and also from Asia and,

2. to give it to Europe and North America.

Of course in reality that happened in very complex ways, say in the form of declining prices for commodities and rising prices for industrial goods, manipulation of exchange rates of currencies, creation of "soft currencies" and "hard currencies", manipulation of interest rates, manipulation of credit ratings, petrodollar, global reserve currency status of the USD, USD denominated debt, derivatives, etc.

Europe and USA could do that because they controlled the global financial system, now they are about to lose that control.

The spider's web: Britain's second empire
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