CIA Also Dominates So-called ALTERNATIVE SITES & FORUMS !

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CIA Also Dominates So-called ALTERNATIVE SITES & FORUMS !

Postby ምሰጢር » Sat May 18, 2019 11:49 am


what this CIA troll, who is seething with hatred, as his offensive words against non-whites shows, tells below is almost a copy of what Werner Weidenfeld said in the video about USA officials.

Likely CIA troll wrote:Firstly, they signed the Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty promising NOT to pursue nuclear weapons.

Secondly, do YOU want a man, whose religion tells him that YOU must be a Muslim otherwise YOU are an Infidel who must be killed, to have nuclear weapons? I don't.

Third, the "magnificent Americans" as you call us, Freed YOU from Hitler's grasp, freed most of Europe, then spent 70 years protecting your butts from what was the evil Soviet Union; expending our blood and our treasure to do so.

Your very existence in the UK is possible thanks to us.

A little gratitude and respect is in order.

Instead, what do we get; insolence and interference by your Intelligence agencies, in our Presidential Election back in 2016; with completely ILLEGAL British spying on US persons on our own soil.

Then, your people vote to leave the EU, and your feckless Parliament deliberately fouled it all up, proving the UK is no longer even a Democratic nation . . . and it continues to wipe out your population demographics by importing inferior third world sub humans. Entire cities in the UK are becoming no go zones, infested with violent third-worlders, and you dare to sit here and criticize us?

We in the US should turn our backs on you and let you sit in the garbage dump you've made for yourselves.

Andere Regierungen im Einflussbereich der USA haben meist nur geringen Einfluss und Spielraum, wenn es um geopolitische bzw. imperiale Angelegenheiten geht. Werner Weidenfeld, der langjährige Koordinator der deutschen Bundesregierung für die deutsch-amerikanische Zusammenarbeit, erklärte dies in einem Interview wie folgt: „Wenn wir in einer ernsten Frage anderer Auffassung sind [als die Amerikaner], dann kommt Geheim­dienst­material auf den Tisch, das Deutschland belastet, und [es heißt:] entweder ihr macht mit, oder ihr seid dran.“ (siehe Video)

Google translation:

Other US governments have little leverage and leeway when it comes to geopolitical or imperial affairs. Werner Weidenfeld, the long-standing coordinator of the German Federal Government for German-American cooperation, explained this in an interview as follows: "If we on a serious question have a different opinion [than the Americans], then secret service material comes on the table, which burdened Germany , and [it means:] either you join in, or you are on it. "(see video)
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