tedy's protest songs

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tedy's protest songs

Postby አልጋ » Thu Oct 27, 2005 9:07 pm

Anyone, who is familiar with the Ethiopian music scene, knows who Tedy Afro is. He is one of the most talented artists to hit the music scene lately. I was told that he writes his music and composes songs for other artists (this may be the reason why most new ethiopian singers sound like him). He is also a consummate performer which is rare among Ethiopian singers (of course excluding, Tilahun, Mahmoud, Aster and Newaye).

The mounting anger in Ethiopia against the ruling party has made Tedy exteremly popular among Ethiopians of all generations and the unofficial spokesperson for the angry mass. There is no doubt that his songs are works of arts in their own rights. However, their anti-establishment and nostalgic contents are also greately responsible for their popularity. A case in point is "Ja Yasterserial": the song, which is a survey of Ethiopian history of the last thirty years, has beats and tunes that makes you want dance. However it has also all the hallmarks of nostalgia and frustration. When Tedy recently stopped in Toronto about a thousand Ethiopians showed up. Most looking for a good time and others simply just to commune with their fellow Ethiopians and release their anger and frustration through Ted's performance. For a student of Ethiopian art history, the popularity of Tedy's songs is reminiscent of the protest art in Ethiopian in the seventies (or the sixties of Ethiopian calendar).
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