How to Establish a Writing Schedule

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How to Establish a Writing Schedule

Postby ሳምቻው » Sun Jan 22, 2006 8:27 pm

How to Establish a Writing Schedule for a Romance Novel

Just get it done. Writing a romance is like anything else - if you love what you're doing, you'll make time to do it," says Sheri McGregor, author of two romance novels.


1. Find a place where you can write that's private and well-equipped, with the right computer and software, pen and paper, desk and chair.

2. Make clear to family and friends that you need - and deserve - privacy.

3. Think about your physical and mental rhythms. Some of us are freshest and most creative in the early morning; some love the silence of the wee hours of the night. Write at the same time every day.

4. Use meditative techniques to set aside distractions before you begin writing. Also, take advantage of your telephone answering machine. If you don't have one, buy one.

5. Learn what makes your writing flow and use it. For some it's music; for others it's perfect silence.

6. Use that time consistently without letting an off-day break your habit of writing at the same time and place daily. Sometimes life interferes.

7. Think about your novel even when you aren't writing.

8. Carry a small notebook everywhere to jot down ideas, dialogue and descriptions whenever inspiration strikes.

"Do what works for you and don't worry about what you think should work for you. Don't be too hard on yourself - nor too easy!" says Sheri McGregor, author of "Dream Catcher" and the forthcoming "Under One Roof."

"Do set a few goals - 'I'll finish that scene and write a sentence or two on the next before lunch,' for example. If you miss a goal, you'll make it up next time. I know some writers who set goals by the page count. I usually work on a chapter basis," McGregor says.

"If you're setting aside an hour each morning, don't answer the phone, the door or e-mail," McGregor says.

Tips from eHow Users:
Catching fleeting inspirations by D.C. P.
I used to jot down ideas in a small notebook or on sticky notes, but often I would have revelations and inspirations while driving my car, especially on long trips when I could allow my mind to associate freely. I bought a small digital voice recorder, and I carry it everywhere with me. I'm able to upload the recordings to my computer and give them file names for later review. The advantage is that I can record while walking or driving, and I can also be much more elaborate in my memos to myself. Often I find that I'm able to talk through a plot consideration or a story idea in moments, whereas I might otherwise choose to cut down the discussion if I were to write down my thoughts. This is also a great tool if you want to see how genuine your dialog would sound if actually spoken by the characters. Too often I find written dialog stiff or artificial, and this is a way to check the authenticity. As I finish my first romance novel, I find that I refer back to my recordings to verify that I have incorporated (or at least considered) the changes I reminded myself of over the past month or so.

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Postby ሰናይ » Wed Jan 25, 2006 12:02 am

ወይኔ ሳምቻው ቆንጆው ልጅ አለህ እርስቱን ብቻ ነው ያነበብኩትኝ
\አንተን ስላላም ልል ነው የገባሁትኝ እሙት በጣም ን እው የናፍቅከኝ

ሳሚቲ ነፍሴ
እምምምምምምምምምምምምምጷሽ ትከሻህን.
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Postby ሳምቻው » Wed Jan 25, 2006 2:36 am

ሰናይ wrote: አርስቱን ብቻ ነው ያነበብኩት
አንተን ስላላም ልል ነው የገባሁት

ሀይ ሰኑቲ-ሶላር ሲስተም :: እንኳን ዞርሽ መጣሽ :: ሚስ ዩ ቱ , ቢግ ቢግ ቢግ ታይም እሺ ...

አርስቱን ብቻ ነው አንብበሽ ዞር ያልሽው ? ቅቅቅቅ ልክ እንደፍሬሽ-ማኑ ቦርድ መሆኑ እኮ ነው .!! :: የቱን አንብበሽ የቱን ትለቂያለሽ ...የማስታወቅያው ብዛት !! እንዴት'ያለ---ድግስ ከፊት-ለፊትሽ በድንኳን ተጥሎ እኔን ሰላም ለማለት በጓሮ ትመጪያለሽ ?? ያውም እኮ ይሄ ሁሉ ትከሻ ላይ ብቻ ለመሳም መሆኑ ነው የሚገርመው !! እስቲ ይሁንልሽ ብቻ ....

ሰናይ ምሽት
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ሳምቻው wrote:ሀይ ሰኑቲ-ሶላር ሲስተም

ሰናይ = ሰኑቲ = ሶላር ሲስተም

ደብዚ ብታየው አይ "ፊዚስት!" እንደምትል ገምቻለሁ:: :lol:

ሳሚ: ብቅ ብቅ ማለትህን ሳይ ደስ አለኝ:: እስቲ እንዛን ቆንጆ ጽሑፎችህን አስነብበን::
ከአክብሮት ሰላምታ ጭምር
ተመለስኩ ማለት ነው? :-?
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አመሰግናለሁ ፎርጌታው

"" ከፓርላማው ባዮኮት ክራይስ"" ወዲህ ዋርካ ፖለቲካል ቢዩልዲንግ ስር ላልታይ ወስኜ ነበር :: ከብዙዎቹ ጋር ስለማንግባባ መደናቆሩ ሰልችቶኛል :: እዚህ ሊትሬቸር ህንጻ ውስጥ ደግሞ የሚያነብም የለም :: ስዎ መሳቅ ብቻቻቻቻቻ.ቻ....... ነው የሚፈልገው ::

ጽሁፎቻችን የአመለካከት ለውጥ ለማምጣት ካልቻሉ what is the use ? በፖለቲካው ህንጻ ውስጥ የድሮዎቹን በሳል ፖለቲከኞች እንደበፊቱ ወጣ ገባ ሲሉ አታይም ::አዳዲስ ስሞች እና ሹሞች በዝተዋል ::

ዋርካ ላይ ሲሞነጫጭሩ መዋሉ ራሱ ልክ "" ነጻ የጽሁፍ አገልግሎት "" ለማበርከት የተሰበሰብን ሰልፈኞች መስሎ ይሰማኛል . !! ድርጅቱ በኛ ጽሁፎች የፕሮሞሽን ገቢ ይሰበስባል :: የጽሆፎቻችን ኮፒ ራይት ራሱ የእነሱ ይሁን የኛ በግልጽ አይታወቅም ::

የዋርካ ታውቂ ደንበኞች ጠጅ ቤት , ቡና ቤት , ስጋ ቤት ፔኒሲዮን ሲከፍቱ ታያለህ :: ብዙሀኑ ወደ ንግዱ አለም ተሰማርቷል :: ሰዎ ያልገባው ነገር ግን ሁሉም የሳይበር "" ነጻ ራፖል ጸሀፊ "" መሆኑን አለማጤኑ ነው ::

"" ፊዚስት"" ያልካት ቃል አልገባችም :: እንዲህ ዝም ብለህ በአንክሮ ስታየው የሀብታሞቹ ቃል ይመስላል :: ስለዚህ ወስደህ ለእትዬ ደብዚ አሳያት !

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