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የኢትዮፐያ ሤት ብልሀት

The Love Forum (love, relationship) (የኔ ቆንጆ እንተዋወቅ :-)

የኢትዮፐያ ሤት ብልሀት

Postby ኤሊያሰ መለካ » Sat Oct 27, 2012 11:02 pm

Tricks Ethiopian women use to show they are loving you and how you know it?

In Ethiopian culture due to cultural reasons dating is not a fair game. Even though the culture has its good sides, it has also negative impacts. Ethiopian Women tend to hide their feeling for you. but they give hints if you are pay attention and know the tricks well. sadely most Ethiopian men happen to be slow when it come to figuring out the women's interest. There are many signs Ethiopian women show when they are lovign you. due to limited space I describe some of the most common hints Ethiopian women show when they are in love with you can read it @ www.ethiojoke.com "An Educated nation is a better nation"
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