Save Ethiopia. ግዴታህን ተወጣ

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Save Ethiopia. ግዴታህን ተወጣ

Postby sewd05 » Sat Oct 08, 2005 6:05 am


Save Ethiopia

Our major plan is to let the world knows about the current satiation about Ethiopia. There are several ways how the world can get news about Ethiopia, but by the time news reaches to the reader's desk or commuter the information is distorted, biased even not true. So we are designing a web site for the "world readers". The story will be written by Ethiopians, not by foreign writers or reporters who do not have any clue what is going on in the Ethiopian's mind, the story will be told by you but not by politicians or by government officials or paid reporters. The web site is designed to the Ethiopian people to tell the story to the world. Do not let other people to tell your story, you are the owner or that story and you know how to tell it, so tell it to the world. We know most of you have lots of info in Amharic but you are telling only for your own people. That is good. But how about if you tell for others, we beleive it will expose the truth.

We want your story to be heard by the world. We are going to invite to this web site world leaders, ambassadors, UN permanent missions, US, UK, Canada, France, German, Irish, South African, Israel and several other countries powerfull people and news organizations, US congress men and women, US governors, US senators and US house of representatives .

So how do we do it? Well the answer is simple but hard. It will be with your help. We read several local news papers written by independant journalists. That is good. The problem is most of them are written by Amahric and the infomation will be seen by Amharic readers. Even that does not reach people they are Ethiopians but do not have Amharic font installed in their system of if they do not read Amharic at all.

We encourage the use of Amharic in today's techinology, but for this critical time let the world knows what is going on in Ethiopia. The only way the world can find our own story is if we tell it in Englihs or other pupular world lanaguages.

Now we need your help. If you really want to tell the world about your county you need to speak their "world" language. We believe English language will be the best choice and we are looking for volunteers to do the following.

1.Translate all Amharic headline news to English or French
2.Blog an English news and informatuon or update from Ethiopia, dailly
3.Elaborate your report with facts and figures
4.Do not add guesses or report untrue story
5. Be honest, truthfull and make sure your audiances are not Amharic speakers

Also when the news is translated to English it will be viewed by big search engines More click
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