NO African Continental Arms Industry Despite Growing Threats

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NO African Continental Arms Industry Despite Growing Threats

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Thu Nov 07, 2019 4:59 pm

We all can see, these days everybody is developing nukes.
For example, the middle east is now crowded with potential or actual nuclear powers.

That means, Africa is now potentially threatened by a growing number of nuclear powers !


At this point Ethiopia and Africa are threatened by a number of countries, who could strike either of them with missiles.

For example, Ethiopia is threatened by the following countries with missile strikes, almost all of whom are nuclear powers,

1. Saudi Arabia

2. Israel

3. India

4. Iran

5. North Korea

6. France

7. UK

8. China

9. Russia

10. USA


Africa's enemies not only use nukes, they use also religion and tribalism to conquer the continent.
Sadly, in the past Africans were easily cheated, but they are now waking up.

Ferenjis and arabs have a number of times plotted against Africa, such as during the transatlantic slave trade. Concerning Ethiopia, ferenjis and arabs plotted against the country the last 30 years or so, and brought TPLF to power, with it tribalism.

Safari Club - The Ferenji/Arab Conspiracy to Dismantle Ethiopia !

Don't buy the lie in Wikipedia that the Safari Club was founded to "fight communism in Africa". They wrote that to hide the truth that the reason the Club was founded in 1976 was to fight Ethiopia, as the communism threat existed in the region decades ago, from Tanzania, Somalia, Sudan and South Yemen to Algeria, Libya and Egypt. As we know lying is part of their profession.



Africa needs to respond to the developing threats, and build a continental arms industry ASAP !

There are many ways for a continental arms industry to gain access to (military) technology, including through diaspora and African Americans.

African countries should merge their weapon research centers, or bring them under central control.

Such a center will have a substantial size in comparison to other major non-African research centers. And the combined defence market of the continent will be one of the biggest.

A continental arms industry will also accelerate the industrialization process in Africa. Such a defence industry, backed by the huge defence market, will be able to manufacture all kinds of weapons, including ships, aircrafts and guns.

People need to hurry up.

There is already cooperation in the sector among African countries, but there is not yet a centrally organized body.
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