Intensifying Anti-China Propaganda, SIGN of Ferenji Collapse

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Intensifying Anti-China Propaganda, SIGN of Ferenji Collapse

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Sat Nov 09, 2019 10:09 am

Ha ha, we register signs of ferenji disintegration. ;)

Mapping China's Global Debt-Serfdom-ification

Nov 8, 2019 10:45 PM

Pentagon Official Warns China Exporting Killer AI Drones To Middle East

Fri, 11/08/2019 - 23:25

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper warned during a speech on artificial intelligence at the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence public conference Tuesday (Nov. 05) that China is exporting a series of "next-generation drones" to countries in the Middle East, reported Flight Global.

"Beijing has made it abundantly clear that it intends to be the world leader in AI by 2030," Esper said. "While the US faces a mighty task in transitioning the world's most advanced military to new AI-enabled systems, China believes it can leapfrog our current technology and go straight to the next generation."

... Chinese drone exports to the region have risen in the last decade, cutting into the US' market share, something that has angered the Pentagon.

"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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Re: Intensifying Anti-China Propaganda, SIGN of Ferenji Coll

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Sat Nov 09, 2019 12:18 pm

The developments we are witnessing must be frightening to ferenjis. :(

What we predicted years ago is now turning into reality. :O

1. USA and West are losing their technological leadership, as this story about drones shows, also Huawei, Supersonic missiles etc

2. The spread of digital currencies and USD's loss of global reserve currency status

3. The huge number of zombie companies in the West, among them multinational corporations. These companies will go bankrupt when USD loses global reserve currency status and those multinational corporations are denied access to the Global South markets

We can add to that trade wars, the aging problem in the West etc. We can be certain that the ferenji hysteria about "climate change" is linked to this threat of losing global leadership.

The last 500 years whites controlled all manufacturing, arms production and finance, they only needed resources from others.

The situation we have now is, whites are losing all that, and are about to become irrelevant when the non-whites soon control resources, manufacturing, markets and finance.


* 1500 - 1950 (2000)

Whites controlled,

1. manufacturing

2. arms production and

3. finance



* 2000 (2015) -

Non-whites control,

1. resources

2. manufacturing

3. markets and

4. finance (happening or about to happen)

When that process is completed whites would become irrelevant.


In this 90% non-white world whites are becoming increasingly irrelevant,

1. as trade partners

2. as investors

3. as lenders

4. as educators

5. as advisors

6. as tourists

7. as arms suppliers





Europe had its peak early 20th century, USA in the mid 20th century. Both are now declining for decades. :(

Situation in 2018

White man at the peak of his power early 20th century


Whites and their institutions, even the Vatican, are now totally discredited, their worldview is marginalized, their economic and cultural influences are declining at an alarming rate. These are no good times for them.

They might be entering a 1000 years period of dark age, like 1500 years ago.


Whites SCARED They Will Not Be Leading Powers for Centuries

That is a dangerous situation given the amount of WMD in their possession.

Look at the list below, after the fall of Rome it took ca. 1000 years for a white or European power to reach the status of a superpower. The learned whites now assume that this time it won't be different, if they allow global power to slip out of their hands. You have to compare the situation with a dictator who committed many crimes while in power. They think if they lose power now it will be the Asians and Africans who will be at the top in the coming centuries.

What will they do ?

Whites call the period between the fall of Rome and rise of Portugal, about 1000 years, a dark age. That was perhaps the darkest period in their history because of conquest by Mongols, Arabs, Turks, the "black death", etc.

Africa has now the chance to become a great power after centuries.

Former superpowers

1. USA


3. UK

4. Germany

5. France

6. Holland

7. Spain

8. Portugal

9. Turkey

10. Arabs
--------------------1000 Years Dark Age for Whites !
11. China

12. Mongolia

13. Rome

14. Greece

15. Persia

16. Africa

Former World Bank President: Big Shift Coming


Hard times are coming for whites.
For 500 years they lived at the expense of Africans, Latin Americans and Asians, and soon they will lose that privilege.

Do whites then have to go back to the 15th century ?

" In the 15th century, the highest standard of living in the world belonged to China. Places like Nanjing had reached the pinnacle of civilization with incredibly modern infrastructure, robust economies, substantial international trade, great healthcare, and a rising middle class.

Across the globe, Europeans were living out short, mud-filled, brutish lives in squalid poverty, dying off by the thousands from the bubonic plague. They were practically Neanderthals compared to the Chinese, and explorers like Marco Polo wrote fanciful tales of wealth and opulence in the east.

If you had told a Chinese merchant at the time that, over the course of the next several hundred years, global primacy would shift to Europe (and a relatively unknown American continent), you would have been laughed at. It was simply unthinkable given how advanced China was over the west.

And yet, it happened. History shows us that the great things about western civilization (Industrial Revolution, technological achievement) and the not-so-great things about western civilization (imperialism, slavery, genocide) caused the tables to turn and primacy to shift from east to west." ... able-4499/
"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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