BAN Euro-centric Language in Ethiopia As Soon As Possible !

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BAN Euro-centric Language in Ethiopia As Soon As Possible !

Postby ብልሀት » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:35 pm

Shame on the disgusting intellectuals and journalists, above all those in the diaspora, who silently watched when TPLF spread Euro-centric language the last 27 years like,

1. yeBeletsegu hageroch

2. Legash hageroch


All those referring to parasite, deceitful, robber, ... ferenji countries.

As we know the TPLF was propagating an Euro-centric worldview to the people in Ethiopia. Time to start putting ferenjis in their place. African Americans have been doing that for decades and in the process created Afro-centrism.


Euro-centric Worldview: Whites are explorers, inventors, humanitarians, healers, ...

Afro-centric Worldview: Whites are parasites, deceivers, oppressors, robbers, killers, ...

As shown here:

The spider's web: Britain's second empire
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