West Africans Hate Moroccans, Moroccans Hate Ethiopians

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West Africans Hate Moroccans, Moroccans Hate Ethiopians

Postby ብልሀት » Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:55 pm

The education in Ethiopia is bad. We are not taught about foreign enemies and friends, for example about Moroccans.

Nobody knows that Morocco plotted against Ethiopia with the West and other Arabs and formed "The Safari Club", which is not openly called a conspiracy club against Ethiopia, but that is exactly what it was.

There might be also issues about Polisario/West Sahara and the Exclusion of Morocco from the African Union, which has its seat in Ethiopia.

West Africans hate Moroccans because the latter plotted against the former with Europeans and contributed to the Transatlantic slave trade of the former.
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