Alarming Development ! DICTATORSHIP in the USA & the West ?

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Alarming Development ! DICTATORSHIP in the USA & the West ?

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:33 pm

Anti-immigrant forces in the USA seem to be considering to end democracy/elections in the USA.

That is an alarming development because the same tendencies exist in all Western countries.

What makes this development even more alarming is, we could soon have financial and economic crises in the West, that could lead to collapse of Western societies.

This is an extremely dangerous development, not only to immigrants in the West, but also to regions like Africa, as we may then have imperialism/colonialism tendencies in the West again.

Abiy Ahmed is putting Ethiopia in extreme danger by not ending tribalism, and uniting and stabilizing the country ASAP. He wasted too much precious time.

We should expect fascism in the West like in the 1930s G.C..

Don't forget, once we have fascism in the USA, we will have that also in the rest of the West in light speed. That will spread very fast, as the tendencies are already there, and the economic collapse will accelerate that.

And the fascist regimes in the West will demand the occupation of Africa to ensure access to minerals and resources. The populations in the West, such as in Europe, would support such agenda as they find themselves in economic collapse at the time. Once the West has occupied Africa, one should expect, not just colonialism, but also genocide of the Natives.

Jim Kunstler: "We May Not Have A 2020 Election"

Oct 30, 2019 9:50 PM
"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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