Africans Should MOST CELEBRATE the Demise of the West

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Africans Should MOST CELEBRATE the Demise of the West

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Sat Nov 02, 2019 7:05 pm

Perhaps with the exception of Native Americans.

And some Africans are doing that already.

UTC students in South Africa set “White Devil’s Books” on fire, dance around burning Art, Paintings

Blacks in general should appreciate the end of the Western era, because they were among its worst victims.

The begin of the Western era 500 years ago was worst,

1. to Native Americans and

2. Blacks

In that order.
"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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Re: Africans Should MOST CELEBRATE the Demise of the West

Postby የሓውዜን ቅሌት » Tue Nov 05, 2019 7:51 am

Europe had its peak early 20th century, USA in the mid 20th century. Both are now declining for decades. :(

Situation in 2018

White man at the peak of his power early 20th century


Whites and their institutions, even the Vatican, are now totally discredited, their worldview is marginalized, their economic and cultural influences are declining at an alarming rate. These are no good times for them.

They might be entering a 1000 years period of dark age, like 1500 years ago.


Whites SCARED They Will Not Be Leading Powers for Centuries

That is a dangerous situation given the amount of WMD in their possession.

Look at the list below, after the fall of Rome it took ca. 1000 years for a white or European power to reach the status of a superpower. The learned whites now assume that this time it won't be different, if they allow global power to slip out of their hands. You have to compare the situation with a dictator who committed many crimes while in power. They think if they lose power now it will be the Asians and Africans who will be at the top in the coming centuries.

What will they do ?

Whites call the period between the fall of Rome and rise of Portugal, about 1000 years, a dark age. That was perhaps the darkest period in their history because of conquest by Mongols, Arabs, Turks, the "black death", etc.

Africa has now the chance to become a great power after centuries.

Former superpowers

1. USA


3. UK

4. Germany

5. France

6. Holland

7. Spain

8. Portugal

9. Turkey

10. Arabs
--------------------1000 Years Dark Age for Whites !
11. China

12. Mongolia

13. Rome

14. Greece

15. Persia

16. Africa

Former World Bank President: Big Shift Coming


Hard times are coming for whites.
For 500 years they lived at the expense of Africans, Latin Americans and Asians, and soon they will lose that privilege.

Do whites then have to go back to the 15th century ?

" In the 15th century, the highest standard of living in the world belonged to China. Places like Nanjing had reached the pinnacle of civilization with incredibly modern infrastructure, robust economies, substantial international trade, great healthcare, and a rising middle class.

Across the globe, Europeans were living out short, mud-filled, brutish lives in squalid poverty, dying off by the thousands from the bubonic plague. They were practically Neanderthals compared to the Chinese, and explorers like Marco Polo wrote fanciful tales of wealth and opulence in the east.

If you had told a Chinese merchant at the time that, over the course of the next several hundred years, global primacy would shift to Europe (and a relatively unknown American continent), you would have been laughed at. It was simply unthinkable given how advanced China was over the west.

And yet, it happened. History shows us that the great things about western civilization (Industrial Revolution, technological achievement) and the not-so-great things about western civilization (imperialism, slavery, genocide) caused the tables to turn and primacy to shift from east to west." ... able-4499/

Is Europe Really Overpopulated and Resource-poor ?

Europe is overpopulated and resource-poor according to quote below, and is desperate to gain control over Africa.



Europe & Arabia Are Gonna Starve, Now That Africa Wants To Trade With China

Lucifer Can't save Europe.

A whore riding a beast will be devoured by a Dragon.

Arabia and Europe owe their ENTIRE world dominance to trade imbalances with Africa from the 16th Century to now.


Arabia used Islam to trick the Africans into Jihad against each other and the Arabs' partner the Europeans sailed in to buy captives and sell guns.

Together the Europeans and the Arabs built massive fortunes and worked together to blot Blacks out of World history and create a permanent Slave class.

They failed to create a slave class and they failed to relegate the Black African to a footnote in history.

Now their worst fear is being revealed.

China is the thirsty Man of Asia and needs resources for it's 1.4 BILLION population.

China has learned enough about the tactics and fallout of the European and Arab tactics in Africa to make themselves an attractive alternative to trade for the Africans.

Now The Europeans and Arabs are F*CKED. There is no way that they can control their overgrown populations that have grown fat off of trade imbalances with Africa, the bread basket of the world.

China MUST have the resources of Africa, Latin America and Asia simply due to the sheer numbers of their population and all those countries are looking for good trading partners contrary to the propaganda that they cannot manage their own affairs.

Europe has been so criminal in Africa and Arabia as well that China presents absolutely no threat in comparison to westerners.

Al Qaeda was invented to stop freedom by the Masters of the Bankers in Europe, America and Arabia.

They would nuke Israel and blame China if they have to.

They will do ANYTHING to not lose control over Africa's resources.
"He who refuses to be involved in politics must endure being ruled by inferior people."
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